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Special Sindhi Namkeen
Sindhi Bhel, Boondi with Curry Pata, Teekha Gathia, Bal Bedo, Papadi, Tiranga Chevdo

Sindhi Namkeen

Namkeen is a Hindi word that comes from the word Namak or salt. Any kinds of salty foods have come under the category of namkeens. In India, numerous types of snacks are available in the market for namkeen lovers. Different namkeen manufacturers are giving tough fights to each other to capture the market. India has a lot of snack variations according to the taste bud of the people. Day by day, Indian manufacturing companies are prospering at a rapid speed. They always keep their main priority of making tasty and hygienic namkeens. Therefore, all of these companies have almost 43% of the market share in India


Special Sindhi Namkeen has a unique chatpata flavor. There are so many unique namkeen items. Be it Sindhi Bhel, Gathiya, Teekha Gathia, Bal Bedo, Papadi, Tiranga Chevdo. Like Gujaratis, Sindhis are also very fond of Farsan or namkeen. In fact, they have many similar items in both cuisines. Every guest is welcomed with Tea ad Namkeen, it is an important part of sindhi and Gujarati food.

We provide the most authentic Sindhi Taste. All our products are made using traditional sindhi recipes and spices. With Sindhi Dal Moth and Teekha bhel, we warn you, that once you open the pack, it will be difficult for you to stop.

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