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Sindhi Dishes for special occasions.

Some Sindhi dishes are cooked only on special occasions or Festivals.

  • Lolo is one of these dishes or items. Lolo is Sweet so it's called Mitho Lolo. Mitho Lolo is made on the occasion of Thadri which is celebrated for Goddess Sitla Mata. Lolo is also made after someone recovers from Chicken Pox. Lolo is made from wheat flour mixed with oil (or ghee) and sugar syrup. Lolo is not very easy to make and it requires great practice and skill to be able to make a good Lolo.

  • Sai bhaji chawar, Sai bhaji i.e Spinach cooked in a typical Sindhi style and served with white steam rice is one of the most popular sindhi Dishes. It is loved by almost everyone.

  • Vermicelli, called Saiyun in sindhi is served as a sweet dish with Lunch or Dinner on special occasions. It is also a permanent item in the meal served to Brahmins at the time of Shraad or Pitramel.

Sindhi Kadhi
Sindhi Kadhi
  • Taryal Patata or Aloo Fry or Took Aloo is a dish that turns even a normal day into a special occasion. It's made from thick slices of Aloo or Potato and shallow Fried with typical Sindhi Spices. The result is Divine. One just can't stop eating. I have seen many non-Sindhis say that this is the best Potato dish they have ever had in their lives.

  • Bhee or Lotus Root is a dish that is not consumed by almost all Non-sindhis. Bhee is not even available in areas where Sindhis do not reside. Earlier, Bhee Patata was a permanent fixture on the Marriage Menu. No Sindhi Marriage Luch or Dinner will be complete without Bhee Patata. Now very few people serve sindhi Food in Marriage functions. There is one more Bhee dish that is very rare in India. It is called Kunhi Bhee. Kunhi means Clay Pot. Bhee is cooked in a Claypot for Hours to make Kunhi Bhee and is served as a snack.

Sindhi Bhee
Bhee or Lotus Root

Sindhi Cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines in the world. There are so many methods in which Sindhi food is cooked i.e boiling, steaming, Frying, shallow Frying, Roasting. That is the reason sindhi Food tastes so Divine. We are trying to bring this Divinity to the world. Keep connected for more. If you wish to contribute to the blog with your articles or recipes, you are most welcome.


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