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Sindhi Shaadi

We are starting a series related to Sindhi Marriage. Sindhi Marriage is a grand affair. It is that famous 'Big Fat Wedding'. Sindhis are people who have moved ahead with times but have also kept in touch with their Traditions, so a Sindhi Marriage is full of Traditions as well as modern functions.

Food is almost the epicentre of every function in the Sindhi Marriage. Not at all surprising as Sindhis are certified, Foodies. Sindhis love their food, so food plays an important role in every function. In Sindhi Marriages especially during Wedding or Vedi (where the Couple takes Pheras), Non-Veg food is not allowed. But in a Sindhi Marriage at least One Cocktail Function is organised where Drinks and Non-Veg food is served. In every function, there is Music and Dance and much more. Nowadays many new functions are added like DJ Party, Bachelors Party and so on. weeks before Marriage, Lada (Traditional Sindhi Songs) are arranged in the Grooms House. Ladas are sung by all the Ladies of Grooms Family almost every day till Marriage Day. Sindhi Marriage is not a one or Two-day affair, it runs for weeks. We will continue in detail about various rituals and functions in the Sindhi Shaadi or Marriage. Till then stay Home, Stay Safe.


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