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Homemade Food and Papad

Homemade Sindhi Papad, Pickles, Spices, Sweets




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About Us,,, and, all these domains have the same website. All domains are owned by Annapurna Gruh Udyog. We provide provide Authentic Homemade Sindhi papads, Pickles, and Snacks. All our products are prepared by expert Sindhi Ladies using traditional recipes. All the Papads and Kachris are Handmade without any Machines, Papads, and Kachris are Sundried in natural Sunlight not in Ovens, this gives Natural Taste and Flavour and also increases the shelf life. Our products have that unique Sindhi Taste and Flavour that you got from the hands of your Grandma. Here are some details about our products. Pickles Pickles are made for thousands of years. Pickles are mentioned even in ancient scripture books or Vedas and are an essential part of Sindhi Cuisine. Sindhi Pickles are made using traditional recipes, which are passed on from generation to generation. Sindhi Pickles are of mainly 3 types Dry Pickles, Wet or Liquid Pickles, and Murabbas i.e. Sweet and sour Pickles. Water or Liquid pickles have a base of Water and Vinegar. You get Onion Pickles and Carrot Pickles, they are made with Yellow Mustard Seeds and Water. These Pickles have a life of around 30 days. Chilli Pickles are made using Vinegar and they last a little longer i.e. for about 90 days. Dry Pickles are made using oil and Spices. The most common Oil and Masala Pickles are  Mango, Onion, Lemon, Garlic, Mix Pickle, and Bhee (Lotus Root) Pickle. The Oil and Masala type Pickles have a long shelf life of about 120 Days. This is because of Oil, which works as a preservative. ​​We at provide the most Authentic Sindhi Pickles. Potli Achar or Shredded Mango Pickle has a unique recipe. Very few people know the original recipe for this Pickle. This Pickle is most common in Sindh Pakistan and the recipe travelled to India at the time of Partition with Sindhi refugees. ​After that, the recipe is passed on from Generation to Generation. Potli Achar is an extremely delicious Pickle as it has a very complex and lengthy recipe. ​ provides only genuine Sindhi Homemade Pickles prepared by Expert Sindhi Ladies. Papad Sindhi Papad is the King of Papads. It is one of the most popular snacks in Indian Cuisine. From Punjabi to South Indian households every one loves Sindhi Papad. You can Buy Homemade Sindhi Papad, Masala, Garlic, Red Chilli flavour and more on our website.  All our Papads are Handmade in a Clean and Hygienic Environment. An authentic Sindhi recipe is followed to produce that unique Sindhi Taste. All papads are Handmade in small batches so you get a taste that is like home and not a factory. We can provide Made to order Papads as per your taste i.e. Only Jeera (No Pepper), Plain (No Spices), Only Garlic, Green Chilli, Red Chilli etc. Where ever you are, you can now enjoy the taste of Authentic Sindhi products we deliver all over India Thank you.

Peppermint Leaves
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Peppermint 300ml

Special Prices for Sindhi Temples/NGOs

We provide Papads to all Langar organizers, Sindhi Temples, other religious institutions on No-Profit Basis. 
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