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Sabudana Papad, Potato Square Tube, Potato Wafer Shaped Fryums, and more

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Fasting Season is just around the corner. With Raksha Bandhan, the festivals will begin and continue till Diwali. There are many festivals in which Fasting is required. Check these Upwas Items for those special days.

Check the tasty Sabudana Papad, Premium Coin Size Sabudana Papad, and Potato products like Square Tubve Fryums, and Potato Twister Fryums.

Many new products will also be added in the coming days. If you have any suggestions please let us know on our whatsapp number (Click here)


An article on Upwas (Fasting)
Fasting is an ancient cultural artifact, seemingly rediscovered in our modern world as a potential panacea. It has been tied to increased spiritual depth, intellectual insight, and bodily health. But why and where is the evidence?

First, it's important to understand that "fasting" is a spectrum. It can mean anything from taking nothing for days to skipping caloric intake for a few hours. Literally, breakfast is the meal that breaks our fast, implying that since we polished off the carton of Ben & Jerry's last night, we've been fasting. Since attacking this whole realm would take volumes, let's just look at a popular version: intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting removes caloric intake for enough time to induce autophagy—there's no solid number, but many adherents point to 14 hours as a good gauge on when good things start happening. Autophagy forces cells to be recycled, taking them apart and using the pieces to build new cells. This removes the detritus otherwise building up from discarded cell parts, and even defends against viruses, bacteria, and chronic infections.

Other benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Easy caloric restriction. I can eat large lunches and dinners and not have to worry as much about my weight.

  • Giving the digestive tract a rest. When you eat often, the ghrelin hormone in your stomach fires more often, which leads to confused hunger signalling.

  • Increases insulin sensitivity. Again, with less food intake, your body pumps in less insulin, making the cells more reactive when it shows up. Decreased insulin sensitivity has a host of bad side effects, from weight gain and increased aging markers to type 2 diabetes.

There are obviously a range of people who should not fast, from children and pregnant women to those with certain conditions. For normal, otherwise-healthy adults, though, intermittent fasting in some form may be a great way to gain traction on some nagging health concerns.

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